Server Management & Monitoring

SAR 150.00

Support for one server
24/7 server monitoring & rescue
15 mins response to alerts

Limitless Server Management

SAR 1500.00

Unlimited servers supported
24/7 server monitoring & rescue
15 mins response to alerts

همراه با هر پلن میباشد

  • Cloud Server Troubleshooting - We will help you setup services and resolve errors in your cloud servers. Cloud Server Maintenance is our speciality.
  • Corrupted RAID recovery - We’ll rebuild your software or hardware RAID if it gets corrupted.
  • Infected Website Recovery - We’ll restore a clean backup, or manually clean the site if backup is unavailable.
  • IP Blacklist Removal - We’ll delist your IP, and patch the vulnerability that caused the blacklisting.
  • Database Repair - Our server administrators will recover your data, or restore it from backup.
  • Bruteforce Mitigation - If someone tries to bruteforce your server, we will block their IP to protect your apps.
  • Fix Email Errors - If your business mail, marketing lists, or other mails fail, we will fix that.
  • Website Monitoring & Rescue - With our performance monitoring & affordable cost server optimization, your server will be in safe hands.
  • Disaster Recovery - We will help in full or partial restoration of your server in case something goes wrong.
  • Database Optimization - We will audit your database settings to find performance bottlenecks and optimize your database.
  • Software Update & Patching - At periodic intervals, we will install pending software updates and apply security patches.
  • Service Optimization - We will regularly optimize your database, app and web servers to ensure super fast response times.
  • Security Hardening - We will keep your servers bullet proof by tightening security settings and setting up security software.
  • Backup Setup & Restoration - If you need your data restored from backup, or need your backups reconfigured, we will do it for you.
  • Security Audits - Our security experts will audit your servers periodically and fix any server vulnerability we find.
  • Disk Space Management - With regular disk space audits, clearing junk files, space expansion, etc., we prevent disk space issues.